How to obey God

As a new Christian, there are several ways to obey God that will be of good help for you to grow spiritually. Just remember,- to obey God is not about good deeds , or try to impress God. God loves us even if we do not feel adequate. To obey God is for our advantage, not Gods. When we obey the Word of God, blessings comes on us. God is not way up in the sky looking down, shaking His head saying; “Shame, shame on you”, when we have been disobedient. God is more likely grieved because He knows that we will get in trouble if we continue to break the guidelines He has made for our best.

Some guidelines:

1. Love God , and make God as you first priority.
2. Read the Bible and do according what you read.
3. Spend time in prayer.
4. Get rid of sin in your life.
5. Belong to a good church.
6. Be baptized.
7. Tell others about Jesus.