How can I speak with God?

Prayer is plainly said a conversation with God from your heart. It is through prayer you communicate with God. You should start a daily communication with the Lord. It is something you should bring into your daily tasks from the beginning of the day. Because prayer is such an important time for every Christian, the enemy will try to hinder and steal that valuable time. But in a couple of weeks you will have developed a good habit of praying, and it becomes as natural as breathing. Some of the first questions you will ask, is maybe, “What is prayer? Who am I praying to? What should I pray about? Is God interested in my daily life or is He just interested in the big stuff? How can I know that God is really listening to me?

Daily program for prayer life:
• Honor and worship God for who He is.
• Thank God for what He has done and for what He is going to do for you.
• Confess all sin.
• Pray for yourself and others.
• It helps to make a list to remember those you want to pray for.

Here are some points you should add to your list:
• Leaders in government and parliament.
• Christian leaders (pastors, missionaries, workers)
• Other christens
• Enemies
• Unbelievers
• Your personal needs