We base our faith on facts

What if we doubt that we are born again or not?

The enemies’ tactics is to create doubt in the change God has done in your heart. The enemy will try to send thoughts of doubt to convince you that you are
not born again. One day you will believe you are born again, the next day you have a hard time believing it; this is how you see that your mind is not a reliable tool to judge from. The enemy will also try give you a feeling that you are not saved. One day you feel really saved, the next you feel nothing. Your feelings and different experiences is nothing you can or should build on. How can you know if you are a true, born again Christian? How do you know that you have eternal life? How can you hit back at the enemy, when he attacks your thoughts and feelings? The first you need to know, is that the safety of your salvation is based on the authority that the Word of God has, not you mind. You have to choose facts. Facts do not change. So what are facts? The Word of God contains the un-changeable facts. God’s Word is the only source for stability in your Christian life. God knows all the facts. His Word contains facts. Faith is to trust in God and His Word. We cannot make ourselves depended on feelings and thoughts to be saved, we are saved because we trust in God.

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