How to become a Chirstian

How can you know you are a Christian?
How do you get saved?
If you go to church , or try to be a good person, will that give you an eternal life?
All those questions have importance for the eternity.
When it comes to questions around eternity, it is important for us to be sure that we qualify for a life in heaven.

WHO IS JESUS? Christianity is all about the central person, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the most outstanding person of all times. He said he was God. This claim put Jesus in a total different group than other religious leaders through history.

SIN It is easier to understand the concept of the word sin, if you can see through the art of archery,-because the word means,- “to miss the target”. When an arrow hit one of the other circles around the hit-target, the arrow has “missed”. In the same way ,- our fallen nature ( that we inherited from Adam, the father of all humanity), has done it so we cannot see the perfection of God. We have lost the connection to the Glory of God. The fallen nature of man is a nature of sin(one that has missed the target).

DEATH There is 3 different types of death in the Bible. Spiritual death, physical death and the other death (also called eternal life). If a person is not born again, the spirit (heart), the part that is has connection with God, be separated from God. . That is called spiritual death.. Spiritual death is a condition of being separated from God, even if your body is alive. Physically death is when the life departs from the body. The other death will come after the judgment of God, and is the total separation from God for all eternity. Under this time of judgment all people that have not believed, and received Jesus Christ as their savior will be judge to eternal hell. (see revelation 20:11-15).
Jesus died for people like you and me. We may look pure and shiny, but without Jesus Christ, we do not have a life of truth. The sin has always been the biggest problem of human beings since the Garden of Eden, but Jesus came to solve that problem once and for all. Jesus came to give us a new heart (spirit), but to do that; He had to give His life. Jesus was hang on the cross so that we could have eternal life.
In the old covenant the Israelites had sacrifice a blameless lamb, and pour out its blood as a sacrifice for their sins. If they did not do the offering of the lamb, their sins would not the cleansed away. In the new covenant Jesus came as the blameless lamb to pour out His blood once and for all, as the forgiveness for all sin for all people.

BORN AGAIN It is important to be saved. To be “born again”, is also the name of the new birth .When you are born again in a spiritual way, you have received a new heart (spirit) from God. That means that your heart (or spirit) is born anew and you are now in contact with God. Another way to explain this is,- when your Spirit or heart is born again; God gives you a new nature. The new heart (your spirit) has given you a new nature and taken you into a Father/child relationship with God. You become a child of God and a member of His family through birth.

SALVATION The use of this word in the Bible includes forgiveness for sins, deliverance from danger, captivity and judgment . Health and healing for the physical body, help, security, victory, protection of life and physical health, total deliverance from curses and death. Salvation is a free gift. A gift that is not deserved, it must simply been received. Jesus will never force Himself into your life, but you can receive Him if you want to. God has given us the only answer there is for our sinful nature, - through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Gods only way to forgiveness for our sins. It’s up to us to believe and receive.

CONFESS We have received the salvation through a combination of what we say with our mouth and what we believe in our heart. “To confess”, means to accept, agree with, say the same as. To confess our faith in Jesus as the Lord, means to understand, agree with and say that Jesus is Lord. To say that Jesus is Lord, is the same as saying; He is your Lord. Think closely what that really means. This is not something you say lightly, of not think through. When you recognize Jesus as your Lord, you give Him control over your life. You tell Him to be in charge of your life, and you are willing to follow Him as the leader of your life. Jesus is much more able to lead your life then you are yourself. He knows your future in detail, and He can lead you where you should walk in the fullness of your life as He sees it. Jesus is the Lord over all creation, but he has given you a free will to as you want to, and that includes, - having Him as your personal savior.