How you can experience Gods love and forgiveness?

A fellowship with others is one of joys in life. When people are fellowshipping, it is like a bolt and a nut, it takes adjustment. Our relationship with God is the most important fellowship we are in. In the same way as we are born into our natural family and have relationship with our earthly father, we have been born into Gods family through Jesus Christ. We are in a relationship with God the Father. Nothing can change our blood relationship with our earthly father, and nothing can change our blood relationship with our heavenly Father. Our relationship with God is secured through the blood of Jesus Christ. But the quality and the intimacy in the relationships we have with people, will vary depended on how they behave. We understand this better through a father-child relationship. Read the story below.

Let’s assume that you are a teenager that newly got your driver’s license. Its Friday evening and your father gives you the key to his new car. You are home around midnight, you have had a fun night with your friends. You back the car up the drive. You are driving confident up the drive until you hear the sound of metal touching metal. Your heart drops, because you know by now that you have hit the mailbox with your father’s new car. You park the car in the garage and look at the car for any damage. To your surprise there is nothing wrong with the car. You look to heaven and whisper; “Thank you Lord”. Quietly you walk to the mailbox to look at the damage. . You walk quietly into the house, and tiptoes up stairs. When you are almost asleep, you are tossed back and forth over the question; “Should I tell dad?” The next morning you decide to not tell him anything. Maybe your father will think there have been other people there and destroyed the mailbox during the night. On the other hand, if you tell your dad, maybe you will never be allowed to borrow the car any more. What you don’t know is that your father looked through the window and saw the accident. He was sitting in the living room in the dark, in front of the window, waiting for you to come home. He saw you hit the mailbox. He saw you examined it. He saw everything that happened. at the breakfast table next day, he is waiting for you to tell him everything. When you choose not to tell, how do you thing that will affect your relationship with him?